Know the Main Characteristics of Online Slot Gambling 

Know the Main Characteristics of Online Slot Gambling – Online slot games are generally divided into two categories of games. The two categories are video and classic versions.

And to become a professional player, you should be able to distinguish the two categories of machines. That’s because each version has a different engine design. Thus affecting the chances of winning that you can make from playing online slots.

To help you guys be able to distinguish between video situs judi slot pragmatic and classic slots, in this article the admin will explain about it. That way you can choose the type of machine that suits your needs and abilities to generate as much income as possible.

The first way to identify an online slot machine whether it is in the video or classic category is to look at the number of reels and paylines of the machine. Reels and paylines are the basic design of a slot machine.

What is meant by reels is in the form of vertical columns where when the player presses the spin button, the reels will spin. While paylines are in the form of payout lines from the dealer if the machine spins a combination of parallel lines of images and symbols.

So, how to tell if a video or classic machine from reels and paylines? The trick is to look at the number. If in the classic version the number of reels is not much with a maximum calculation of three. While the number of reels in the video version is more with a minimum of four lines up to ten lines and even more.

Likewise with the number of paylines. Of course the number of reels that many make the paylines are also getting more and more. Therefore the number of paylines for the video version is more than the classic. The number can be tens or even thousands of paylines for the video version. While the paylines for classic slots are very few, because it only takes one combination to get a winning prize.

It should be noted that the number of reels and paylines has an effect on the chances of winning as well. In this case, machines with fewer reels will find it easier to win than machines with more reels. Therefore, for beginners, just choose the classic version because it is easier to win.

The second way to identify the characteristics of video and classic online slots is based on the features available in the machine and the jackpot bonus. It’s clear that the classic version is designed in a simple way so you don’t find a lot of game features. While the video version has more additional features. The goal is to help players find it easier to win because of the large number of reels and paylines as previously explained.